Hero Realms Journeys features four 12-card packs.


  • The Hunters and Travelers packs each feature exciting new Champions and Actions for your market deck.
  • The Conquest and Discovery packs each contain 6 new quest cards and 6 new relic cards. 


Each player will be given a number of quest cards at the beginning of the game. Your opponents won't know what your quests are, but you may show your quests to your teammates. At the beginning of the game, shuffle the Relic cards and deal one face down into a "relic pile" for each quest card in the game. When you complete a quest, reveal it to all players, then you acquire a random relic from the relic pile for free. The extra relics (those not in the relic pile) get shuffled into the market deck, adding powerful new items to the market.


2 to 4 players

Age : 12 years +

Hero Realms Journeys - Hunters Pack VA

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