Première extension Standalone pour Beasty Bar.


L'ambiance est de plus en plus folle devant le ''Beasty Bar''! 12 nouveaux invités se disputent les places sur le tapis rouge. Mais il y a encore mieux, vous pouvez combiner à coeur joie LA TOTALITÉ des 24 animaux de ''Beasty Bar'' et de ''New Beast in Town''. Ou tout simplement jouer à chaque jeu séparément. Même le Lama en perd sa salive...

Beasty Bar: New Beasts in Town is the first standalone expansion to the 2014 card game Beasty Bar, and it can be played either by itself or in combination with the original game, as part of a challenging two-round draft.

Twelve all-new beasts with new special powers are lining up in front of the bar. As before, it is imperative to stay at the front of the queue in order to be able to join the party. When combined with the original game, each player splits his 24 cards into two draw piles of 12 cards of his choice for two games in a row.

Beasty Bar : New beast in town (ML)

SKU : ZOCH05093
    Imaginius Bonhomme Oeil